Water jet cutting

Our Company newly offers latest technology in water jet cutting along 5 axes up to an angle of ±60° in a continuous mode. Working pressure 6500 bar. Machining area: X 4000 mm, Y 2000 mm, Z 320 mm

Flow Mach4 | HyperJet 94i-D | Dynamic Waterjet XD

FLOW M4-4020c Working area dimensions 4.0 x 2.0 m
Dynamic Waterjet XD
  • Bevels and 3D cuts without cutting edge bevel
  • Produces 2D and 3D parts of precise dimensions at high speeds
DynaBeam laser height sensor Height sensor and pre-mapping tool


  • Precision 3D cutting
Flow 6,500 bar HyperPressure Technology – high-pressure pump
  • HyperJet 94i-D Designed for 6,500 bar| 75 kW (100 HP) | 4.92 l/min
  • Flow abrasive cutting system PASER® Mach4

X-Y System Mach 4c


The Mach 4c is a machine characterised by unique technology and power combined in an elegant and noticeable design. As the flagship of a leading company in this technology, every feature of the Mach4 system is designed to increase productivity. The Mach 4c system portal is designed as modular, meaning that it can meet a number of individual requirements not only in present but also in future. Mach 4 is perfect for large-scale production, high-speed cutting, small-scale production with frequent changes in assignments typical of just-in-time production and bespoke production facilities.

The main features include:

  • The Mach 4c system is characterised by access to the working surface from four sides, with a conveniently integrated platform that provides the operator with practical reach over the entire work table area.
  • Modular points for connection of interfaces and connectors for simplification of complex wiring, increased reliability and facilitated future expansion and enlargement of the working area
  • Increased robustness of the whole structure thanks to heavy-duty mobile components and exceptional torsion rigidity
  • Fully programmable Z-axis controlled by a servomotor
  • Standard air-cooled movement components for long life in any working environment
  • Standard mobile control console with a touch screen for increased machine operator comfort and productivity from any place outside the machine
  • Optimised high-pressure conduits for improved cutting power at the nozzle and reduced maintenance requirements during the machine life time
  • Basic axis with dual actuation (each of the basic axes has a servo actuator)

  • The Mach 4, equipped with a number of ergonomic and user-friendly elements, outperforms other machines in productivity. Embedded lights with LED diodes light the working area, various integrated water and air connections for part washing and drying, and other elements designed for efficient operation
  • Standard protection from the surrounding environment includes collapsible heavy-duty bellows for protection of the baseplate and portal lines in the harsh water jet environment
  • Important parts of the portal and the baseplate are checked by laser before assembly. After assembly, the whole machine undergoes stringent loading tests, including inspection of straightness, rectangularity, planarity and a laser interferometric measurement of positioning accuracy. A ballbar measurement is carried out after machine installation on customer premises in order to maintain the parameters
  • The primary welded frame is free of thermal stress to provide maximum long-term stability

Working area

  • Z axis stroke: approx. 305 mm

Material depositing area

  • X axis: approx. 4,100 mm Y axis: approx. 2,100 mm

Net working area dimensions

  • X axis: approx. 4,000 mm Y axis: approx. 2,000 mm

Machine specifications:

Linear accuracy of X and Y axis positioning: ± 0.025 mm/m Accuracy of repeated movement along X and Y axis: ± 0.025 mm/m Machine speed range:

Maximum rapid traverse: 35 m/min Maximum cutting speed:* 25 m/min

*depending on material type and thickness and shape of part being cut

The precision actuator system of the Mach 4c is equipped with a cutting-edge actuation system – a Nexen® Roller Pinion System (RPS). The system, offered exclusively by Flow, unconditionally combines the best properties of linear motors, ball screws and pinions. The RPS system permits the Mach 4 perfect movement on roller bearings with zero play and great output power. The RPS actuation system is treated with a proprietary cryogenic procedure known as “Raydent”, which penetrates through the metal, bonds with it and produces a 1 mm (.04 in) thick layer of a ceramic oxide resistant to corrosion and wear. Simultaneously, this eliminates any need for lubrication.

Dynamic Waterjet XD


The Dynamic Waterjet is simply the best improvement in water jet cutting so far. Flow has surpassed what had generally been considered the limits of the water jet process. The Dynamic Waterjet enables production of highly accurate parts at high cutting speeds. The bevel, intrinsic of conventional water jet, is eliminated. Parts with accurate corner geometry are produced easily. With precision cutting, the machine can produce parts 25 – 300% faster than conventional systems, and with a zero bevel. Since the operating costs are not significantly different from those in conventional systems of abrasive water jet cutting, costs per part are also greatly reduced. The Dynamic Waterjet combines special innovative cinematics with highly sophisticated mathematical models and easy-to-use, smart software. Thanks to use of the breakthrough SmartStream technology by Flow for expected jet properties during the cutting process, the operator is able to start producing perfect parts without specialised training. After simply entering the material type, thickness and required cutting edge quality, the SmartStream technology automatically calculates and controls every movement of the cutting head to ensure high-precision part production in the shortest time. No system other than Flow can do this.

The Dynamic Waterjet XD is the first high-precision 3D cutting technology of its kind. Using a small articulated wrist, the original Dynamic Waterjet automatically tilts the cutting head up to 10 degrees in any direction to eliminate visible jet traces (jet bending) and cutting edge bevel – thus providing maximum possible workpiece precision at high cutting speeds. This same basic technology has been enhanced by the Dynamic Waterjet XD version, which combines unrivalled advantages up to 60 degrees of tilt and enables production of 3D parts.  

Elements of the Dynamic Waterjet XD technology:

  • Fast lift and approach thanks to precision servo actuators
  • Positional feedback provided by closed-loop control of the Z-axis
  • Movement range up to 60°
  • Cutting above and below water level
  • 305 mm lift along Z-axis

  • The “zero tool length” design enables the jet to maintain precise position without having to move along the X and Y axes during multiple-axis movement, which results in faster and more accurate parts
  • Easy access to housing protecting important precision system components
  • Laser calibration device applying the exclusive Flow - DynAlign™ system for unrivalled precision
  • Proprietary joint design minimising the singularity effect in movement in the 5-axis mode, for optimised trajectory and more attractive resulting parts

LaserPointer (fix side installation) – facilitates mounting and positioning

The LaserPointer reduces the time needed for setting the workpiece. A laser cross, set at the workpiece zero point, is used for the setting. Depending on the type of control used, the cutting head automatically moves to this position, which is then stored as zero (reference) workpiece position as well as the zero position of the workpiece coordinate system. All the positions are transmitted inside the system as new reference positions. If the laser cross is set parallel to the movement axis, it can be used as an aid for axial parallel delineation. The LaserPointer is designed for use in the harsh industrial environment. The laser diodes are stored in a waterproof stainless steel housing. They make up an assembly with the special optical red cross system, which is easy to see even in daylight. The optical system can be focused without any tools for setting the line width. The line position does not change during the focusing. The imbalance between the laser cross and the centre of the cutting head is stored as the shift in the coordinate system in the machine control system. The laser cross is not suitable for fine positioning or setting, but is greatly facilitates the setting of the zero workpiece position and enables an experienced operator to set the range within a tolerance of several hundredths of a millimetre.